The Painting that is Simultaneously a Bitcoin Wallet

My latest painting is of a blonde woman done in a pixelated style (think Minecraft) titled “This Isn’t Just Another Pretty Face”.

Example of pixelated art by JaeBum Joo

I recently began a trip down Crypto lane and without trying, resemblances from the random patterns generated by QR Codes began jumping out at me.

BTC wallet from which Blondie was extracted – see the eyes?!

Per usual, I added color to the pattern to bring these images to life as I found that, for the most part, it doesn’t take away your ability to scan the code!

Blondie was found in the abstract pattern of the QR Code

The finished product is an acrylic painting on canvas panel 5″ x 5″ that has a base value that no one can dispute. You see, I’ve added .01 BTC to the wallet/painting!

Painting is Simultaneously a Bitcoin Wallet

The painting is framed and ready for hanging and costs just $300. The exciting part about your painting is the value is sure to rise as Bitcoin becomes more popular!

For the art collector who also collects crypto currency, this is the perfect gift! Because Bitcoin is 1’s and 0’s, there is nothing physical to show off – this gives you the opportunity to not only show your interest in Bitcoin but it also can be your wallet for others to drop more BTC into!

The painting is the Public Key (16RTCP5Az75Ua3UqzsWqkkqUAcCft9T1Yg) and the Private Key, to access the BTC, is attached to the back of the painting so that the actual physical object has the value. You can verify the wallet’s balance here.

Get this painting in your home today! (remove an @)

The Universal Painting Project

We invite you to leave your mark! How will you interpret the lines?

Stare into the lace of dripped paint as it ebbs and flows over the white canvas. What resemblances do you recognize in the pattern? Participants take a print of this abstract drip painting and use color and shading to Extract a scene – like looking at clouds for images! Then share your masterpiece for the world to see.

The Universal Painting Project looks to exploit art for its most lauded attributes – harmony and unity. With each colorful contribution, this drip painting is imbibed with value and relevance to the communities from which the colorists herald as they will have used familiar color schemes and iconography to their respective cultures. Whether Mexican, German, Australian, even alien, all will find this abstract painting relevant because the Extractions will have been made by their very own artists, their celebrities, families, friends, even themselves. When each of us Extracts resemblances from the patterns of the Universal Painting, we leverage our varied and different visions of the world as a way to come together in agreement.

Become a part of this exciting project and leave your mark on this planet!

 DOWNLOAD your copy of the Universal Painting for free.


purchase your very own print on canvas, wood, metal, or even throw pillow at my Fine Art America page.

Universal Painting on Wood

Cheetos Museum Collection

“A Mouse Found in Cheetos Bag”

The following Cheetos have been accepted into the Cheetos Museum:

Thanks for clicking on the links and showing some love…

  1. “A Mouse Found in Cheetos Bag”
  2. “Frank – not ‘F'”
  3. “Rabbit with Glasses”
  4. “Strongman’s Arm”
  5. “Finger Boarder”
  6. “Bird on a Rock”
  7. “Baby in Nursery”
  8. “Counting Sheep”
  9. “American Eagle – Perched”
  10. “Man in the Moon”
  11. “Watching in the Window”
  12. “Bird on a Wire”
  13. “Bigfoot’s Big Foot”
  14. “Baby Dinosaur”
  15. “A Pointing Bear”
  16. Sea Otter on his Back


The following were not accepted by the Cheetos Museum:

Flamin' Hot Fire Breathing Dragon
Flamin’ Hot Fire Breathing Dragon


"Hey YOU,"
“Hey YOU,”


"Get Over Here!"
“Get Over Here!”


"Handlebar Mustache"
“Handlebar Mustache”


"Moto Champion"
“Moto Champion”

Miley Cyrus’ Kneecap Looks Like Seth Rogen’s Face

Extractionism is one of the few art forms that is regularly highlighted in international news stories and even late night shows.  Consider Jimmy Fallon’s presentation of the Resemblance Miley Cyrus’ knee has to two famous actors! One is Seth Rogen,

the other is Alfonso Ribeiro (Carlton of Fresh Prince of Bel Air).

Cyrus' knee resembles Alfonso Ribeiro
Cyrus’ knee resembles Alfonso Ribeiro

Colorists inspire two new Extractions!

sm playmates

Recently I have been taking the same drip painting on the road when setting up my coloring station. “Playmates” was my initial find, and now I have Extracted two more that have been inspired by past participants!

"The Passing Pope"
“The Passing Pope”

A young gentlemen sat down with his girlfriend at Maker Faire to color. She barely began when he said, “There, a Pope’s Hat”. She objected and said it wasn’t enough and I jumped in and said, “What if, because his hat is so tall, it’s the only thing captured in a shot of the sky?!” I went on to do my own version of this Pope’s hat and added a cloud.

"Crossing the Creek"
“Crossing the Creek”

A very young lady colored, what had earlier in the day made for a dog’s ear, a bright fluorescent yellow section. She had deemed the abstract a unicorn – complete with horn. I took that initial head and horn and had the creature cross a creek.

A Living Sculpture

In this exciting experiment, I have taken a raw peanut and carved it.

I then placed this peanut in water to germinate – the question was can the plant grow with out the other half of the cotyledon.  After several attempts, it worked!


The beard (plumule) on the Old Man in the Peanut grows to become the first leaves that break the soil’s surface on the way to becoming your peanut plant.  The hood (radicle) elongates becoming a tap root that goes into the ground to collect nutrients!


This is a living sculpture that goes on to become a living plant!


long beardSMALL


A-Rad of Summer Break 3 Fame Scribbles for Us!

Alahna Rad (Instagram) of Summer Break 3 fame, dropped some scribbles and I found this bear residing between the lines!  I call it “Grin and Bear It”.

Purchase a print of this.

Find out what’s hidden in your scribbles!


**Update. After looking at the gif above, I decided this bear needed an eyelid! See the results here:

Eyelid added

Abstract Extractionism – an art movement!

Despite humans seeing this way since the beginning of time, did you know pareidolia was only first used in 1994 by Steve Goldstein? I believe it does not accurately define what is happening with this action.
I like to say that it is Extractionism: the art of recognizing resemblances, extracting and subsequently presenting them (no need for weird words like apophenia, simulacra, pareidolia, paranoiac-critical method). Resemblances exist whether we discover them or not and are part of a universal law that micro mirrors macro.
This is the technique I used to discover the Old Man in the Peanut!.This meta label now allows other fields to be coupled under one umbrella concerning a very specific way of looking at the world, such as a psychoanalytical tool (Rorschach), biomimicry, camouflage, analogy, eggcorns/mondegreens, the visual pun, constellations, peanut carvings, tea leaf reading, Makapansgat pebble, & droodles just to name a few! One could not mention these under the heading ‘pareidolia’.
By the way, Extractionism is one of the few artforms, if not the only, that is regularly covered by international news agencies!! When an Extractionist discovers a resemblance and gives it life, especially if it is a Striking Resemblance, it will go viral. Consider a recent example:
Marja-Terttu Karlsson, 52, from Pajala in northern Sweden is a photographer who has captured the uncanny shape of a celestial animal resembling a wolf rising from earth into the sky.

Watch the video.

See more of Marja photography.