‘The Skull’ Peanut Carving

Design inspired by Sylvia Orozco of Mexic-Arte Museum.
Day of the Dead Skulls carved from peanuts.

I utilize an inherent feature of the peanut and make good on its resemblance to something else. For this design I’m using the ‘T’ shape on the back-side of every peanut as the front two teeth on the bottom row. In the photo, the first two are an opened peanut unaltered, the third is a peanut with the lines inscribed and the fourth represents a finished piece.

Meet the artist!

“If you’re a tech enthusiast, educator, tinkerer, hobbyist, engineer, science club member, author, artist, student, entrepreneur, crafter, or maker of any kind—join us! In partnership with Make: Magazine, creators of the Maker Faire, we’re putting on a Mini Maker Faire in all Barnes & Noble stores nationwide from November 6 through 8. We’ll learn from each other, hear from experts, and work on projects together.”  Read more here: Barnes & Noble hosts Mini Maker Faire

Ismael Cavazos has been invited by the Sunset Valley B&N to speak about his art, how he makes it, and  the techniques you can use to heighten your creativity whether you are in a boardroom, lab, or classroom.  He will be presenting at noon on Sunday the 8th of November. Get directions to the store.

Make: Magazine partners with Barnes & Noble!
Make: Magazine partners with Barnes & Noble!