Presenter at Austin Fiber Artists July Meetings

From the July Gathered Threads, the Austin Fiber Artists’ newsletter:


July Meetings – Two Sides of Ismael Cavazos
This month, the north and south meetings will have the same presenter, Ismael Cavazos, who will speak on two different topics.
NORTH-Second Tuesday July 12 7:00pm
At the north meeting, he will discuss his work in applied Pareidolia, where he makes Jackson Pollack style looping streams of paint into “scribble drawings”, then analyzes the drawing to find hidden shapes and pictures within the lines. (This is like finding bunnies and dragons in clouds, but the images don’t change with the wind.) He’ll hand out sample scribbles for attendees to color. It will be interesting to see what different pictures we produce from the same starting point.

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SOUTH-Third Wednesday July 20   Show and Tell 6:45
For the southern group, he will talk about his artistic journey and how he came to work in a very strange fiber medium: peanuts. Ismael carves peanut halves, capitalizing on the seed germ and colors in the nut. Ismael is an engaging speaker- I encountered him at Maker Fair overseeing scribble drawing coloring. Please come to either or both presentations this July


Cheetos Museum Collection

“A Mouse Found in Cheetos Bag”

The following Cheetos have been accepted into the Cheetos Museum:

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  1. “A Mouse Found in Cheetos Bag”
  2. “Frank – not ‘F'”
  3. “Rabbit with Glasses”
  4. “Strongman’s Arm”
  5. “Finger Boarder”
  6. “Bird on a Rock”
  7. “Baby in Nursery”
  8. “Counting Sheep”
  9. “American Eagle – Perched”
  10. “Man in the Moon”
  11. “Watching in the Window”
  12. “Bird on a Wire”
  13. “Bigfoot’s Big Foot”
  14. “Baby Dinosaur”
  15. “A Pointing Bear”
  16. Sea Otter on his Back


The following were not accepted by the Cheetos Museum:

Flamin' Hot Fire Breathing Dragon
Flamin’ Hot Fire Breathing Dragon


"Hey YOU,"
“Hey YOU,”


"Get Over Here!"
“Get Over Here!”


"Handlebar Mustache"
“Handlebar Mustache”


"Moto Champion"
“Moto Champion”

Benefit for the Art House at Community First Village takes place at TOMS

Adult Coloring Book Meet Up at TOMS Austin
Thursday, July 21 at 5 PM – 8 PM
1401 Congress Ave S, Austin, TX 78704

Join us for an evening of coloring, drinks and friends, to benefit the Art House at Community First Village.

Becca Borrelli and Ismael Cavazos invite you to stop by TOMS, South Congress to sample pages from our debut coloring release:

The Austin Coloring Book and The Visionary’s Coloring Book.

In keeping with the TOMS philosophy of *ONE for ONE, we’ll provide pages, coloring pencils, and sharpeners. You’ll bring a cash or art supply donation. We like to call it *ART for ART.  You can find our books on and OR check it out firsthand at the event.

The TOMS folks are so lovely, they will be providing complimentary drinks for people 21+. Coloring books will be available for purchase. Love is free.