Ismael Cavazos is an artist based out of Austin, Texas.  The theme of his work is based on recognizing resemblances and then extracting them.  While resemblances have been extracted from a variety of mediums, the artist tends to focus on those recognized in scribbles, abstract paintings, peanuts, QR codes and most recently, recycled bread tags.

His greatest discovery is the Old Man in the Peanut, also known as the Sage of the Leguminati.

• Purchase Bread Tag Art now:

•  See a gallery of past work here: http://ismael-cavazos.artistwebsites.com/

Leave me a message today:: ismaelcavazos@@startmail.com (remove an @)

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3 thoughts on “About”

  1. hey there. how are you? this is shawn from uber. remember that we had met during the cleanup Uber a while back. I’m at work. what’s going to happen with Uber now? you think that they’ll let us drive in a couple weeks or not? just write back when you get time. regards, shawn

  2. Hi Ishmael- we met at maker fair. I’d like you to do a talk on scribble art followed by a hands-on activity of coloring some of them for the Austin Fiber Artists North Group (round rock, baca center). Our meeting will be on July 12th, 7 pm. I can offer you a small honorarium.

    I’d also like to have you talk about your peanut carvings and show your work to the south group (meets across from the Berger Center on south lamar x westgate) but need to coordinate with the program director for that one.

    Side note: I’ve given lectures on pareidolia… when you work in fuzzy materials such as felt and dye, it’s easy to get unintentional images in your work.

  3. Hello my name is Nahika, I met you at the Zilker brewery yesterday! What’s your email so I can send the payment for the coloring book?

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