Presenter at Austin Fiber Artists July Meetings

From the July Gathered Threads, the Austin Fiber Artists’ newsletter:


July Meetings – Two Sides of Ismael Cavazos
This month, the north and south meetings will have the same presenter, Ismael Cavazos, who will speak on two different topics.
NORTH-Second Tuesday July 12 7:00pm
At the north meeting, he will discuss his work in applied Pareidolia, where he makes Jackson Pollack style looping streams of paint into “scribble drawings”, then analyzes the drawing to find hidden shapes and pictures within the lines. (This is like finding bunnies and dragons in clouds, but the images don’t change with the wind.) He’ll hand out sample scribbles for attendees to color. It will be interesting to see what different pictures we produce from the same starting point.

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SOUTH-Third Wednesday July 20   Show and Tell 6:45
For the southern group, he will talk about his artistic journey and how he came to work in a very strange fiber medium: peanuts. Ismael carves peanut halves, capitalizing on the seed germ and colors in the nut. Ismael is an engaging speaker- I encountered him at Maker Fair overseeing scribble drawing coloring. Please come to either or both presentations this July


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  1. I was wondering if you ever did male nudes? If so I’m interested.. I meet you at Barns and Noble and thought that your work was very inventive and so I ask. Let me know what you think!
    Sincerely, Merit Philips

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