Custom Crypto Wallets

Your wallets should be as unique as you are! Turn the random pattern of your QR Codes into works of art:

BTC wallet from which Blondie was extracted – see the eyes?!
Blondie was found in the abstract pattern of the QR Code










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Here are some more examples:

Have your Crypto Wallets transformed into works of art!
  • Alien Cadet          :  My Bitcoin wallet
  • Tabby Cat            :  My Bitcoin wallet
  • Bearish Market?  :  World Crypto Network‘s Donation Bitcoin wallet
  • Pup                      :  Investors of Crypto CEO’s Ether wallet
  • Martian Spy         :  Investors of Crypto CEO’s wallet
  • Lion King             :  Investors of Crypto CEO’s wallet

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As a specialist in Recognizing Resemblances in patterns such as scribbles and drip paintings, it was only natural for me to recognize the shapes that exist in QR Codes. In fact, I created a piece two years ago this month using the QR Code generated from the word ‘Love’.

This heart, when scanned, reveals love!

$50 for each wallet!

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***Disclaimer – This is strictly a novelty item. I am not responsible for any money lost or missent. Please note, while the wallet still scans, the QR Code can lose effectiveness when color is added.