Miley Cyrus’ Kneecap Looks Like Seth Rogen’s Face

Extractionism is one of the few art forms that is regularly highlighted in international news stories and even late night shows.  Consider Jimmy Fallon’s presentation of the Resemblance Miley Cyrus’ knee has to two famous actors! One is Seth Rogen,

the other is Alfonso Ribeiro (Carlton of Fresh Prince of Bel Air).

Cyrus' knee resembles Alfonso Ribeiro
Cyrus’ knee resembles Alfonso Ribeiro

Fresh Michigan Morel Mushroom – Michigan Shaped

Our Extractionist of the month is Lance Miller of Manistee, Michigan.  This 30 year old and his brother are “shroomers” and he estimates he’s picked hundreds of thousands of morel mushrooms, but last week the Manistee man ran across what he considers a once-in-a-lifetime find: One shaped like Michigan’s Lower Pennisula. Because of this, it is up for auction on ebay or can be bought outright for $10,000! Resemblances live when we give them attention, try it yourself for another dimension!

Morel valued at $10,000 because of Resemblance to Michigan
Morel valued at $10,000 because of Resemblance to Michigan

Miller found the 2.5-inch tall and 1.5-inch wide morel on May 10 and took it to Millers Produce, his parents’ market where they sell the wild vegetable after the haul is certified as a morel.He went back to the store the next day and spotted the similarity to Michigan.”I said ‘Oh, my gosh, look at this thing,'” Miller said. “I’m usually on the move when I’m out hunting, so I didn’t even see or realize what I had.”

This video has nothing to do specifically with the Michigan shaped Morel but gives insight to Morel hunting in Michigan and the typical shapes found:

Colorists inspire two new Extractions!

sm playmates

Recently I have been taking the same drip painting on the road when setting up my coloring station. “Playmates” was my initial find, and now I have Extracted two more that have been inspired by past participants!

"The Passing Pope"
“The Passing Pope”

A young gentlemen sat down with his girlfriend at Maker Faire to color. She barely began when he said, “There, a Pope’s Hat”. She objected and said it wasn’t enough and I jumped in and said, “What if, because his hat is so tall, it’s the only thing captured in a shot of the sky?!” I went on to do my own version of this Pope’s hat and added a cloud.

"Crossing the Creek"
“Crossing the Creek”

A very young lady colored, what had earlier in the day made for a dog’s ear, a bright fluorescent yellow section. She had deemed the abstract a unicorn – complete with horn. I took that initial head and horn and had the creature cross a creek.

Austin artist misses his job with Lyft & Uber

I can’t wait to have the two big guys back in Austin.  For now, I must return the 2015 Ford Fusion with sunroof, leather interior, rear view camera, and awesome a/c!  Xchange Leasing did me right with the following letter:

As you may have heard, Uber will shutter its operations within the Austin city limits effective Monday, May 9 at 8am. We know many of you use your Xchange Leasing vehicle to drive on Uber. If you no longer wish to keep it, you may immediately return the vehicle, as we are waiving the required advance two weeks notice. Simply return the vehicle to the dealership where it was leased.

If you choose to end the lease, Xchange Leasing will waive the $250 disposition fee and – if you are otherwise in good standing under the terms of your lease agreement – will credit your $250 security deposit to your Uber account within 7 business days. If and when Uber returns to Austin, we promise to help you get back in an Xchange Leasing vehicle (subject to program approval requirements).

If you want to keep your vehicle under the original terms of your lease you may do so as well. See direct payment options here.

Thank you for being a faithful customer of Xchange Leasing and we hope to do business with you again soon.

– Brent West, Xchange Leasing General Manager

Austin artist misses his job with Uber/Lyft.
Austin artist misses his job with Uber/Lyft.