Why can’t I use FB as my page?

     Many are waking up to a very different Facebook, asking, “Why can’t I use Facebook as my page?”!  Last night some time my FB changed and I am no longer able to navigate the platform as one of the seven pages I manage.  Apparently this has happened to some accounts more than a year ago, and more accounts are just catching up – I guess I was lucky to have it the old way for as long as I did!
     After some research, I found a workaround. You can still do the things that were once possible, just not as convenient as it used to be.
     Okay, here is the way you work it now, from Boo Rhodes:
  • “Use your personal page to login to facebook and then when on the page you wish to like you click on the ellipsis (3 dots) next to the page info and select “Like as Page.”

facebook help2oldmaninthepeanut

  • “If you are also wanting to see the feeds from other pages, visit your page that you admin and on the left side click on “view pages feed” then you can see what everyone just from your business likes are posting.”

Thanks Boo Rhodes, otherwise known as Geekmom!