The Painting that is Simultaneously a Bitcoin Wallet

My latest painting is of a blonde woman done in a pixelated style (think Minecraft) titled “This Isn’t Just Another Pretty Face”.

Example of pixelated art by JaeBum Joo

I recently began a trip down Crypto lane and without trying, resemblances from the random patterns generated by QR Codes began jumping out at me.

BTC wallet from which Blondie was extracted – see the eyes?!

Per usual, I added color to the pattern to bring these images to life as I found that, for the most part, it doesn’t take away your ability to scan the code!

Blondie was found in the abstract pattern of the QR Code

The finished product is an acrylic painting on canvas panel 5″ x 5″ that has a base value that no one can dispute. You see, I’ve added .01 BTC to the wallet/painting!

Painting is Simultaneously a Bitcoin Wallet

The painting is framed and ready for hanging and costs just $300. The exciting part about your painting is the value is sure to rise as Bitcoin becomes more popular!

For the art collector who also collects crypto currency, this is the perfect gift! Because Bitcoin is 1’s and 0’s, there is nothing physical to show off – this gives you the opportunity to not only show your interest in Bitcoin but it also can be your wallet for others to drop more BTC into!

The painting is the Public Key (16RTCP5Az75Ua3UqzsWqkkqUAcCft9T1Yg) and the Private Key, to access the BTC, is attached to the back of the painting so that the actual physical object has the value. You can verify the wallet’s balance here.

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Custom Crypto Wallets

Your wallets should be as unique as you are! Turn the random pattern of your QR Codes into works of art:

BTC wallet from which Blondie was extracted – see the eyes?!
Blondie was found in the abstract pattern of the QR Code










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Only $50 each!

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Here are some more examples:

Have your Crypto Wallets transformed into works of art!
  • Alien Cadet          :  My Bitcoin wallet
  • Tabby Cat            :  My Bitcoin wallet
  • Bearish Market?  :  World Crypto Network‘s Donation Bitcoin wallet
  • Pup                      :  Investors of Crypto CEO’s Ether wallet
  • Martian Spy         :  Investors of Crypto CEO’s wallet
  • Lion King             :  Investors of Crypto CEO’s wallet

Visit Custom Crypto Wallet to see more examples of this new exciting art.

As a specialist in Recognizing Resemblances in patterns such as scribbles and drip paintings, it was only natural for me to recognize the shapes that exist in QR Codes. In fact, I created a piece two years ago this month using the QR Code generated from the word ‘Love’.

This heart, when scanned, reveals love!

$50 for each wallet!

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Would you like one of these wallets for free? When you work with the team at Investors of Crypto, your Personalized Crypto Wallet will be included!

***Disclaimer – This is strictly a novelty item. I am not responsible for any money lost or missent. Please note, while the wallet still scans, the QR Code can lose effectiveness when color is added.

My artistic response to the block chain.

What is this image worth?

Visit to see! Here is the address to plug-in:

Don’t agree with the value? The image above is not only art, but also a Bitcoin wallet!

You have a say: deposit BTC to the wallet to add value to the image.

Here is the QR code from which Her-Hulk’s face was Extracted:

BTC wallet : genesis of artwork

150 Years of the word Pareidolia

The term pareidolie was introduced by the German psychiatrist, Karl Ludwig Kahlbaum in articles published in 1865[1] and 1866[2].

Then, in an 1867 British medical journal article reviewing Dr. Kahlbaum’s article (The Journal of Mental Science, Volume 13)[3], the German word Pareidolie was translated into English as pareidolia. Although the word is rarely found in general dictionaries, it has a long history in psychiatry.

Pareidolia has been getting more popular lately with it being added to dictionaries as recent as February 2017 – specifically the Merriam-Webster dictionary!


  1. :  the tendency to perceive a specific, often meaningful image in a random or ambiguous visual pattern

Around here we prefer the word Extractionism to pareidolia  – which has a leaning towards this as an error in seeing.

This research was done using and information from


[1] “Die verschiedenen Formen der Sinnesdelirien. Ein Beitrag zur Erweiterung der psychiatrischen Symptomatologie und zur psysiologischen Psychologie.” by K. Kahlbaum. Centralblatt für die medicinishchen Wissenschaften, No. 57, 23 December 1865. p. 908ff.

[2] “Die Sinnesdelirien” by Dr. Kahlbaum. Allgemeine Zeitschrift fürPsychiatrie und psychisch-gerichtliche Medicin, Volume 23. Berlin, 1866. p. 81. In German the word is pareidolie.

[3] “On Delusions of the Senses” review by John Sibbald, MD. The Journal of Mental Science, Volume 13, Number 26, July, 1867, p. 235 ff.

The Universal Painting Project

We invite you to leave your mark! How will you interpret the lines?

Stare into the lace of dripped paint as it ebbs and flows over the white canvas. What resemblances do you recognize in the pattern? Participants take a print of this abstract drip painting and use color and shading to Extract a scene – like looking at clouds for images! Then share your masterpiece for the world to see.

The Universal Painting Project looks to exploit art for its most lauded attributes – harmony and unity. With each colorful contribution, this drip painting is imbibed with value and relevance to the communities from which the colorists herald as they will have used familiar color schemes and iconography to their respective cultures. Whether Mexican, German, Australian, even alien, all will find this abstract painting relevant because the Extractions will have been made by their very own artists, their celebrities, families, friends, even themselves. When each of us Extracts resemblances from the patterns of the Universal Painting, we leverage our varied and different visions of the world as a way to come together in agreement.

Become a part of this exciting project and leave your mark on this planet!

 DOWNLOAD your copy of the Universal Painting for free.


purchase your very own print on canvas, wood, metal, or even throw pillow at my Fine Art America page.

Universal Painting on Wood

Presenter at Austin Fiber Artists July Meetings

From the July Gathered Threads, the Austin Fiber Artists’ newsletter:


July Meetings – Two Sides of Ismael Cavazos
This month, the north and south meetings will have the same presenter, Ismael Cavazos, who will speak on two different topics.
NORTH-Second Tuesday July 12 7:00pm
At the north meeting, he will discuss his work in applied Pareidolia, where he makes Jackson Pollack style looping streams of paint into “scribble drawings”, then analyzes the drawing to find hidden shapes and pictures within the lines. (This is like finding bunnies and dragons in clouds, but the images don’t change with the wind.) He’ll hand out sample scribbles for attendees to color. It will be interesting to see what different pictures we produce from the same starting point.

sm playmates

SOUTH-Third Wednesday July 20   Show and Tell 6:45
For the southern group, he will talk about his artistic journey and how he came to work in a very strange fiber medium: peanuts. Ismael carves peanut halves, capitalizing on the seed germ and colors in the nut. Ismael is an engaging speaker- I encountered him at Maker Fair overseeing scribble drawing coloring. Please come to either or both presentations this July


Cheetos Museum Collection

“A Mouse Found in Cheetos Bag”

The following Cheetos have been accepted into the Cheetos Museum:

Thanks for clicking on the links and showing some love…

  1. “A Mouse Found in Cheetos Bag”
  2. “Frank – not ‘F'”
  3. “Rabbit with Glasses”
  4. “Strongman’s Arm”
  5. “Finger Boarder”
  6. “Bird on a Rock”
  7. “Baby in Nursery”
  8. “Counting Sheep”
  9. “American Eagle – Perched”
  10. “Man in the Moon”
  11. “Watching in the Window”
  12. “Bird on a Wire”
  13. “Bigfoot’s Big Foot”
  14. “Baby Dinosaur”
  15. “A Pointing Bear”
  16. Sea Otter on his Back


The following were not accepted by the Cheetos Museum:

Flamin' Hot Fire Breathing Dragon
Flamin’ Hot Fire Breathing Dragon


"Hey YOU,"
“Hey YOU,”


"Get Over Here!"
“Get Over Here!”


"Handlebar Mustache"
“Handlebar Mustache”


"Moto Champion"
“Moto Champion”

Benefit for the Art House at Community First Village takes place at TOMS

Adult Coloring Book Meet Up at TOMS Austin
Thursday, July 21 at 5 PM – 8 PM
1401 Congress Ave S, Austin, TX 78704

Join us for an evening of coloring, drinks and friends, to benefit the Art House at Community First Village.

Becca Borrelli and Ismael Cavazos invite you to stop by TOMS, South Congress to sample pages from our debut coloring release:

The Austin Coloring Book and The Visionary’s Coloring Book.

In keeping with the TOMS philosophy of *ONE for ONE, we’ll provide pages, coloring pencils, and sharpeners. You’ll bring a cash or art supply donation. We like to call it *ART for ART.  You can find our books on and OR check it out firsthand at the event.

The TOMS folks are so lovely, they will be providing complimentary drinks for people 21+. Coloring books will be available for purchase. Love is free.


Miley Cyrus’ Kneecap Looks Like Seth Rogen’s Face

Extractionism is one of the few art forms that is regularly highlighted in international news stories and even late night shows.  Consider Jimmy Fallon’s presentation of the Resemblance Miley Cyrus’ knee has to two famous actors! One is Seth Rogen,

the other is Alfonso Ribeiro (Carlton of Fresh Prince of Bel Air).

Cyrus' knee resembles Alfonso Ribeiro
Cyrus’ knee resembles Alfonso Ribeiro

Fresh Michigan Morel Mushroom – Michigan Shaped

Our Extractionist of the month is Lance Miller of Manistee, Michigan.  This 30 year old and his brother are “shroomers” and he estimates he’s picked hundreds of thousands of morel mushrooms, but last week the Manistee man ran across what he considers a once-in-a-lifetime find: One shaped like Michigan’s Lower Pennisula. Because of this, it is up for auction on ebay or can be bought outright for $10,000! Resemblances live when we give them attention, try it yourself for another dimension!

Morel valued at $10,000 because of Resemblance to Michigan
Morel valued at $10,000 because of Resemblance to Michigan

Miller found the 2.5-inch tall and 1.5-inch wide morel on May 10 and took it to Millers Produce, his parents’ market where they sell the wild vegetable after the haul is certified as a morel.He went back to the store the next day and spotted the similarity to Michigan.”I said ‘Oh, my gosh, look at this thing,'” Miller said. “I’m usually on the move when I’m out hunting, so I didn’t even see or realize what I had.”

This video has nothing to do specifically with the Michigan shaped Morel but gives insight to Morel hunting in Michigan and the typical shapes found: