A coloring party – oh, the fun you’ll have!

I come to your location, set up 30 minutes in advance – folding tables with clipboards, paper, and color pencils/crayons atop.
I give a quick spiel on recognizing resemblances and how it helped me discover the Old Man in the Peanut. I share how it all started with me turning scribbles into art and then run right into having you scribble. You will transform it into art using color and shading and there will also be prints of my drip paintings to color in.
An art show too. I bring some framed pieces as examples of what I’ve found in the random lines.


You come to my space at William Canon & Manchaca and we can have the fun there. Space for 16.

Coloring station at RAW ‘Futures’ exposition March 2016 @ the Belmont Austin, Texas Photography credit : ISAAK GONZALEZ • Lead Photographer ALYSSA VILLEGAS • Assistant Photographer


Lead photo: That time R.B. Bbhoggawact, the ACC Riverbat, showed up at my scribble station! https://www.facebook.com/ACCRiverbat/