N-uber, noober, newber, nuber

I invented a new word – N-Uber! This refers to a newcomer or inexperienced Uber driver.  So far, the response has been:

“Is that a real word?  If it’s not, it should be!”

“Ooh, I’m tweeting that, awesome.”

About the origins of the word Noob (from Know Your Meme):



“Noob” (also referred to as “Newbie”) is an English slang term and a pejorative label used to describe a newcomer or inexperienced user. On the Internet, “noob” usually refers to an inexperienced computer user, especially in the context of online gaming or programming.


“Noob” originated from the word “Newbie”[13], a term originally used in the 1960s–1970s among U.S. troops during the Vietnam War to refer to a new man in a unit. There are multiple theories regarding the etymology of the term “newbie”; some assert that it may have come from the word “newie,” which referred to a neophyte or a beginner as early as since 1850s, while others point to the British public school slang “new boy” or “new blood” that emerged around the same time.