A coloring party – oh, the fun you’ll have!

I come to your location, set up 30 minutes in advance – folding tables with clipboards, paper, and color pencils/crayons atop.
I give a quick spiel on recognizing resemblances and how it helped me discover the Old Man in the Peanut. I share how it all started with me turning scribbles into art and then run right into having you scribble. You will transform it into art using color and shading and there will also be prints of my drip paintings to color in.
An art show too. I bring some framed pieces as examples of what I’ve found in the random lines.


You come to my space at William Canon & Manchaca and we can have the fun there. Space for 16.

Coloring station at RAW ‘Futures’ exposition March 2016 @ the Belmont Austin, Texas Photography credit : ISAAK GONZALEZ • Lead Photographer ALYSSA VILLEGAS • Assistant Photographer


Lead photo: That time R.B. Bbhoggawact, the ACC Riverbat, showed up at my scribble station!

A-Rad of Summer Break 3 Fame Scribbles for Us!

Alahna Rad (Instagram) of Summer Break 3 fame, dropped some scribbles and I found this bear residing between the lines!  I call it “Grin and Bear It”.

Purchase a print of this.

Find out what’s hidden in your scribbles!


**Update. After looking at the gif above, I decided this bear needed an eyelid! See the results here:

Eyelid added

Abstract Extractionism – an art movement!

Despite humans seeing this way since the beginning of time, did you know pareidolia was only first used in 1994 by Steve Goldstein? I believe it does not accurately define what is happening with this action.
I like to say that it is Extractionism: the art of recognizing resemblances, extracting and subsequently presenting them (no need for weird words like apophenia, simulacra, pareidolia, paranoiac-critical method). Resemblances exist whether we discover them or not and are part of a universal law that micro mirrors macro.
This is the technique I used to discover the Old Man in the Peanut!.This meta label now allows other fields to be coupled under one umbrella concerning a very specific way of looking at the world, such as a psychoanalytical tool (Rorschach), biomimicry, camouflage, analogy, eggcorns/mondegreens, the visual pun, constellations, peanut carvings, tea leaf reading, Makapansgat pebble, & droodles just to name a few! One could not mention these under the heading ‘pareidolia’.
By the way, Extractionism is one of the few artforms, if not the only, that is regularly covered by international news agencies!! When an Extractionist discovers a resemblance and gives it life, especially if it is a Striking Resemblance, it will go viral. Consider a recent example:
Marja-Terttu Karlsson, 52, from Pajala in northern Sweden is a photographer who has captured the uncanny shape of a celestial animal resembling a wolf rising from earth into the sky.

Watch the video.

See more of Marja photography.

‘Futures’ – an exposition of 52 creatives.


RAW Austin presents Ismael Cavazos

Get your tickets here:

Won’t you follow me to a great exposition?!

On March 3rd, at the Belmont, you will experience an independent film screening (usually a short, webisode or music video), a pop-up gallery featuring several independent visual artists (like me) and photographers, fashion shows from up-and-coming local designers, live musical performances, vendor booths featuring local artisans and accessories designers, and live performance art. You’ll get a little taste of everything for just $20. Combine all this creativity with drinks, fun, and good company in downtown Austin and you win!


‘The Skull’ Peanut Carving

Design inspired by Sylvia Orozco of Mexic-Arte Museum.
Day of the Dead Skulls carved from peanuts.

I utilize an inherent feature of the peanut and make good on its resemblance to something else. For this design I’m using the ‘T’ shape on the back-side of every peanut as the front two teeth on the bottom row. In the photo, the first two are an opened peanut unaltered, the third is a peanut with the lines inscribed and the fourth represents a finished piece.

Meet the artist!

“If you’re a tech enthusiast, educator, tinkerer, hobbyist, engineer, science club member, author, artist, student, entrepreneur, crafter, or maker of any kind—join us! In partnership with Make: Magazine, creators of the Maker Faire, we’re putting on a Mini Maker Faire in all Barnes & Noble stores nationwide from November 6 through 8. We’ll learn from each other, hear from experts, and work on projects together.”  Read more here: Barnes & Noble hosts Mini Maker Faire

Ismael Cavazos has been invited by the Sunset Valley B&N to speak about his art, how he makes it, and  the techniques you can use to heighten your creativity whether you are in a boardroom, lab, or classroom.  He will be presenting at noon on Sunday the 8th of November. Get directions to the store.

Make: Magazine partners with Barnes & Noble!
Make: Magazine partners with Barnes & Noble!