The Visionary’s Coloring Book


•20 pages to color with the back-sides left blank to allow for color bleeding and/or framing.
•8.5″x11″ makes it easy to find a frame to show off your work of art.
•Original and unique – a print run of 25 executed on Nov. 30th

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How can a grilled cheese sandwich fetch $28,000?
Why did Leonardo da Vinci recommend staring at mold-
stained walls? Why do people claim there are five
white birds in every sand dollar? The answer lies in
why we have the Constellations, tea-leaf reading and
Rorschach’s psycho-analytical test utilizing inkblots.

-This is an extraordinary coloring book!-

You are not shown what to color in, but rather,
YOU decide what you see in the random lines of the
drip paintings and then bring the scenes to life!
Have you ever looked up and seen clouds come
alive with imagery? Have you spied a face in the
marbled tile of the bathroom floor or the wood grain
of your bed-side table? Then you are ready for this
book. Some use a squinting technique to aid in Recog-
nizing the Resemblances, others turn them upside
down. There is no right or wrong answer and merely
coloring in the different shapes with your
favorite colors is highly encouraged.

Resemblances live when we give them attention,
try it yourself for another dimension.



•To read a short story & see what the author has Extracted from
the abstracts, scan the corresponding QR Codes and visit the links!
Don’t forget, four are printed on the back.

•Your coloring pages are in the familiar 8.5” x 11” dimensions –
making framing & showing of your creativity easy and affordable.

•Color-in both matching abstracts, or, leave one
blank for framing and showing side-by-side with your discoveries.

•the last page is your chance to contribute to
the Universal Painting Project – leave your mark.



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